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Team Dexter Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world today.  Combining the striking techniques of western boxing, muay thai, and karate with the grappling techniques of wrestling, judo, and jiu-jitsu, MMA is truly the purest expression of combat sports in existence.

The ROUGHHOUSE is Southeastern Connecticut's only pure MMA school where professional fighters and coaches train in all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts.  The ROUGHHOUSE's goal is to prepare anyone who has a passion for fighting to step into a ring or a cage and compete at the highest level that they are capable of through expert instruction on the various techniques of MMA and drills designed to prepare fighters for real fights.

If you are serious about learning what it takes to compete in MMA or if you just want a great workout in a friendly environment contact The ROUGH HOUSE today or just stop by and check out a class for yourself.
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(860)705-0993 Groton, CT 06340

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